Version : 2.03 Php : +7.4 License : MIT

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What is the BPT Library?
A simple library created by php language to make and manage telegram bot easier

What is BPT?
This word stand for Bot Php Tools , meaning tools for bot in php

Do I need to pay for this?
No at all , this is a free and open source library

How do I use it?
There is several ways to use it , you will see them in the next

What we need to know before using your library?
Know basic knowledge about PHP language
Know basic knowledge about Telegram API

This library created by Miaad Sadeghloo and Alireza Ghafoorashid

Getting started


I found some bug in your library , how can i report it?

I need more information about your library style , where can i found it?
You should check our documantation, Also you can check our examples in Example folder on github or here

Can we trust your library?
You can check our code! Then check if you can trust it or not :)

All of the APIs in the library are free and permanent?
All of our APIs in the library are free. Nothing in the world is permanent but we are tring to keep it online

Can we send our ideas and APIs to you for adding to library?
Yes, Of coure. Just contact us.

If your question isn’t here , feel free to ask

Whats the advantage

Contact ways