version: 2.1.3


check user phone is submitted , if not receive it. return info : 0 user phone is not checked
1 for everything is good
2 for not message update or not private chat
3 new user have right range
4 new user have wrong range
false when database is off or it have wrong type


text string The text you want bot send to user Optional(Hello dear user , pls send your phone number)
button_text string The button text for share contact button Optional(Send phone number)
phones int or string or array the allowed phones , specify country code without + Optional(all)

Method errors

There is no error

Method examples

$this->checkPhone(['button_text'=>'Share your phone','phones'=>'98']);
$this->checkPhone(['button_text'=>'Share your phone','phones'=>['98','1']]);

Method alices

There is no alices

Method output :