version: 2.1.3


Use this method to edit captions of messages. On success, if the edited message is not an inline message, the edited Message is returned, otherwise True is returned.


chat_id int | string Required if inline_message_id is not specified. Unique identifier for the target chat or username of the target channel (in the format @channelusername) Optional
message_id int Required if inline_message_id is not specified. Identifier of the message to edit Optional
inline_message_id string Required if chat_id and message_id are not specified. Identifier of the inline message Optional
caption string New caption of the message, 0-1024 characters after entities parsing Optional
parse_mode string Mode for parsing entities in the message caption. See formatting options for more details. Optional
caption_entities Array of MessageEntity A JSON-serialized list of special entities that appear in the caption, which can be specified instead of parse_mode Optional
reply_markup InlineKeyboardMarkup A JSON-serialized object for an inline keyboard. Optional
token String You can use this method on another bot with specify this parameter Optional
return_array Boolean Specify the result type , if pass true results will be array otherwise will be object Optional
forgot Boolean You can set to not receive request result, dont set it or pass null for turn it off Optional
answer Boolean You can set to answer to webhook, dont set it or pass null for turn it off Optional

Method errors

required parameters not found required parameter for this method is not founded. you can see them in log
answer mode not allowed you can use answer mode only once for each webhook update and you already did
answer mode not allowed bc multi you can't use answer mode when multi is on

Method examples

$this->editMessageCaption(['chat_id' => int | string, 'message_id' => int, 'inline_message_id' => string, 'caption' => string, 'parse_mode' => string, 'caption_entities' => Array of MessageEntity, 'reply_markup' => InlineKeyboardMarkup]);

Method alices

Method output :

Message | bool